Saving Grace Home for Women is getting a New Name!

We are becoming The Refuge for Women

Our program now offers Transitional living for those who have completed an intensive recovery program, and who wish to live in a safe, drug-free environment while working.  Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Saving Grace Home for Women is a non-profit, ten-bed 90-day Residential Recovery Program for adult women suffering from alcohol and drug dependency, located in the center of Baldwin County, the largest county in Alabama.  It is staffed by a program director who is a licensed counselor with seven years of experience in treating substance abuse, assisted by two other licensed counselors on a contract basis, five program assistants, and approximately 10 volunteers per week.

The women most in need of our services are those least able to pay for it.

There is a tremendous demand for services in our area, so that women are not separated from contact with their children and families.  Saving Grace is the only residential program for women in Baldwin County. We are working on State Certification, which will allow institutions to provide third party payment for those they deem deserving, among whom we have had a high rate of success.

 The program is more affordable than most treatment centers. 

A ninety-day program is well known to be more effective in achieving long-term sobriety than shorter models, and, thanks to our donors, costs to the client are well below those of most 28 day programs.

 We strive for a balanced approach to the problem of achieving sobriety and

wellness, which includes both working the Twelve Steps as well as the development of the solid spiritual foundation that is known to impact sobriety positively.  While the program is Christian-based and supported, it is open to all adult women, regardless of race, religion, creed, age, etc.

A whole-person program with strong and varied peer-to-peer influence

 is employed to deliver maximum ongoing motivation and support. Individual and group counseling are key components enabling the client to deal with issues unique to women, which further complicate and impede recovery from substance abuse.  Critically important peer support is offered through frequent AA meetings, Celebrate Recovery, sponsors, and 12 Step studies.  Daily living skills are improved with classes in job seeking, public speaking, healthy relationships, parenting, nutrition, arts and crafts, meditation, Bible study, practical living, church attendance, and follow-up aftercare.

Extended families, children, AND the whole community, benefit from

the support and encouragement offered women at Saving Grace. Restoring the women to productive lives with tools for adequate parenting helps prevent the abuse and neglect of children.   The ability to keep a job greatly reduces the rate of re-incarceration, and lessens the demand for life-long health and social services.